Subscription boxes in India

Subscription boxes in India

Nowadays we have several subscription boxes available in India. I love the concept as it is the best way to pamper yourself. There are several categories in them- Like Beauty subscription boxes, jewellery subscription boxes, Subscription Boxes with Fun stuff and many more. We have some subscription boxes for Kids as well. You can give them a try to keep receiving surprises every month.

These subscription boxes are a bunch of products( of the category selected by you) which are delivered to you every month depending upon the subscription plan. The longer you subscribe, the more discount you get.

I have tried several of them in the past- like Fab Bag, Lady Raga, Bling Bag, Sugar Box etc. Out of all these I like the Fab bag the most, and I have recently resubscribed to them.

I have listed down some of the popular ones below from each category.
(Creating a post with comparison between different boxes is definitely one thing on my mind and you will be able to see this in future.)

I have reviewed January Fabbag “”here“”

February 2018 fab bag

Beauty Subscription-

Fab Bag– “This one is my personal favourite.”

My Envy Box


Jewellery subscription-

Bling Bag

Fun Box

– They contain Funky stuff from head to toe. You can expect hair accesories to sunglasses to a dress, handbag, or footwear.




For Kids


I have reviewed February Flintobox here
Einstein Box

*There are several others available in the market (with new boxes coming up every other day and they shut down after some time).
I have only listed the popular ones. I will keep exploring and will update the list once I find some more worthy boxes.

I have a dedicated section where I will be reviewing several of these subscription boxes. Do check it out here- Review on different subscription boxes.


Do let me know in the comments section if there is something specific you would like to read!!

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