Quick baby food recipes : 9 to 24 months

Quick baby food recipes : 9 to 24 months


This post is about some of the quick baby food recipes for the babies under age group of 9-24 months. We all get into that tight spot once in a while when the little munchkin is really hungry and we don’t have enough time to cook a proper meal for them. In those times these quick recipes really come in handy.

I would not bet on the nutrition value on these items and hence would not recommend these for all times. But these are really good for those times when we are really running short of time and all we want to see is that the little one is well fed.

So let’s see some of these quick baby food recipes which can be prepared in a jiffy-

1. Mashed banana-
My all time favourite and a real saviour. This is not only super healthy but filling too.
The only drawback is that this cannot be given when the baby is down with cold. Although many doctors and researchers have claimed that banana does not cause cold but I personally do not want to take a risk and totally avoid them during those periods when toddlers have cold. To prepare this all we need to do is mash a banana using a fork and feed it to the little one. And yes fork make it easier to mash the banana.


2. Cornflakes/ Honey loops-
These are another easy option for those short times. All we need to do is soak some cornflakes/ honey loops in hot milk and allow the temperature to come down to warm and then feed this to baby. If the baby is still not comfortable to chew, we can always add the cornflakes in powdered form. I used to grind an entire pack of cornflakes and keep them in air-tight containers. When required all I had to do was take a few scoops of this powder and mix it with milk and yeah its ready.


3. Muesli-
This can also be given in a similar form like cornflakes with milk, and can also be stored in powdered form.


4. Atta porridge-
This is another healthy and quick recipe. Please check below steps for recipes-
1. Heat a little ghee in a pan
2. Add whole wheat atta, roast till light brown.
3. Add water and jaggery while stirring continuously to avoid the lumps. Even if there are some lumps turn off the flame and try to break all the lumps.
4. We can add milk to this to adjust the consistency.
* Sugar can be used in place of jaggery, but I highly recommend using Jaggery instead because of the health benefits.


5. Oats Porridge-
Oats has its own health benefits, but should be given in less amounts. Please check the recipe below.-
1. In a pan take 2 spoons of plain oats, mix in desired quantity of milk or water and add a little jaggery.
2. Put the pan on flame and bring it to a boil, while stirring consistently. You will notice the chane in texture and the porridge getting smooth.
3. Bring the temperature down to warm and it’s ready.


6. Ragi Porridge-
Ragi is one of the super foods that is even recommended by doctors. Plesae check the recipe below-
1. In a pan take 2 spoons of Ragi powder, add water and a little jaggery.
2. Mix all the ingredients well and put on flame.
3. Keep stirring continuously to avoid lumps.
4. Bring down the temperature to warm. We can add milk to adjust the consistency.


7. Milk + Bread-
1. Just heat 2 loafs of bread on a griddle/tawa. We only want to slightly toast it instead of making it brown.
2. Take this in a bowl, add hot milk and add jaggery or sugar.
3. Allow the temperature to come down to warm.


8. Milk + Biscuit-
This is not a very healthy option and should be given only when we actually cannot arrange anything else. We just need to do the below-
1. Take 2-3 biscuits (I prefer marie gold only) and add hot milk.
2. Let it soak for some time and also make sure that the temperature gets down to warm consistency.
3. Mix it well with spoon once ready to feed.


Hope you all liked some of these quick baby food recipes. Please mention in comments if you have some more recipes!!


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