Indian meal plan: Menu planning for the week

Indian meal plan: Menu planning for the week

This blog is going to be everything about Indian meal plan: Menu planning for the week.
Meal preparation is one thing we have to do everyday, especially with Indian food where cooking fresh food is a must. It is also a way to make sure that our family is eating healthy. Although nowadays take-aways have made our lives easy but it is definitely unhealthy. Cooking meals at home is not only healthy but economic as well.

Cooking food daily can become cumbersome, but with proper planning this can be simplified many folds.

Here I have summed up how to make this process smooth with a little bit of planning.

Menu Preparation.ย 
First thing to do is to make a menu for the entire week on weekends only. What I personally do is I start planning and preparations for the coming week during the second half of Sunday (post- Lunch). I use sticky notes for this purpose and recommend it to others also.ย 
Prepare a rough list of menu of items you will be preparing throughout the week. A little bit of last moment changes can always be done.


Selecting the items.
While we are preparing the menu for the week, we can keep in mind certain things, like selection of vegetables. What I usually do is I follow a format. Why I follow this you will know later in the post.

Mon- Green leafy vegetables
Tue-wed- Seasonal vegetables
Thurs – Chhole/ Rajma / Chawli/ sprouts
Friday- Egg curry/ Chicken curry/ soya nuggets


ย Partial preparations-
This is the most important step. We can do the below things on Sunday afternoon or evening. This will ensure that we are sorted for the entire week and will save a lot of time.

1. Making essential pastes that we use daily- I usually grind the spices like ginger, garlic, green chilies in batches and pack them in air tight containers for the entire week. We need to store them in Fridge.

2. Making ata dough in batches- If you eat chapati daily then we can prepare ata dough for 3 days that can be used up to Wednesday. And on Thursday again we can prepare dough for 2 days. Knead the dough, and put some oil over the dough and cover it in cellophane paper. Store in fridge.

3. Cut vegetables and store in different containers- As per the pre-decided menu, Cut the vegetables and store in air tight containers. This is the reason we followed a format while cutting vegetables. We are keeping green vegetables for Monday as they may get bad fast. Then we are keeping seasonal veggies for Tues-wed. Chhole/Rajma etc can be soaked the night before and won’t go bad. And eggs/ chicken don’t have to be cut beforehand. The basic idea here is to make sure that the cut vegetables are not going bad. Keep the cut vegetables in Fridge.

Note- If we are using Onions and potatoes, they should be chopped just before cooking.

4. Boil the potatoes- If you are going for potato sandwiches or any other curry that uses boiled potato. Boil and keep them in Fridge

5. Breakfast preparations- Few preparations can be done for breakfast as well. Like if you are going to prepare poha- roast the peanuts beforehand. For Upma, roast the rawa/sooji beforehand etc.

6. Chutneys- If you prefer chutneys along with meal, they can be prepared and stored in Fridge.

7. Batter for Idli-Dosa- These can be easily prepared and stored in fridge to be used through the week.

By following the above steps for Indian meal plan, and with proper planning daily meal preparation really becomes a lot more easy.

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    1. Thanks Shweta!!
      Well actually on weekends we get the freedom to decide menu depending upon the weekend plan as well as the mood of the family members, as we have the time.
      However on a lighter note, dining out is definitely an option!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰


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