Must Read – Important tips for First Time Mommy

Must Read – Important tips for First Time Mommy

mylazymom.comIf we are going to be first time mommy, our entire focus stays on our pregnancy and then the delivery of the baby. Even the ante-natal classes focuses on the same. But no-one actually tells us how to deal with a baby especially if you are a first time mommy.

This is a major reason for Postpartum depression in many moms (happened with me as well). We believe that everything will be rosy just like it is shown in pictures, but in reality it comes with a baggage of baby care which we are not prepared for(most of the times).

So here is my quick guide on baby care for the first time mommy-

1. Relax-
The baby is going to be with you forever 🙂 Don’t let the excitement get on your nerves so much that you are not taking rest when required.

2. Eat and drink-
After all that hard work you just did to bring the little wonder on earth, you deserve a treat. Eat your favorite food and drink lots of water / Juice. Drinking enough fluids will also help in establishing milk supply. Avoid alcoholic drinks.

3. DON’T Google
Yes this is very important that you don’t google for every small thing that you feel is not normal. As on google you will always find the symptoms related to extreme illness which is not right in 90% of cases. Rather trust your mommy instincts. If required ask the elders at home and then you can discuss the same with you pediatrician on the next visit.

4. Breastfeeding struggles-
If your baby is not able to latch or if you are not making enough milk, don’t stress/ kill yourself over it. It usually takes 3 days to a week’s time in order to establish milk supply. In the meanwhile there is no harm in opting for top feed until the milk supply is established.

5. Giving bath to baby-
It’s absolutely OK if cannot give daily bath to baby.. In fact it is not required also. It’s not important to keep your baby squeaky clean ;). Giving them sponge bath daily and bathing once a week or once in 2 weeks should be fine.

6. Decorating the baby-
It’s not required to keep your baby party ready all the time. Being a first time mom , we always want to keep the little one photo-ready, but its actually OK if you can leave them as it is sometimes maybe in onesies or other comfortable clothes.

7. Dress selection-
This one is very important- Select only cotton clothes for your little ones. No other fabric is advised until they are at least 1 year old.

8. Always keeping the baby with yourself-
This is something I did, I used to get very uncomfortable if someone else (from the family) took my baby. But Relax, you can leave the baby with family members for some time. Just make sure that the baby is well fed and then you can take some rest in the meanwhile.

9. Taking proper rest-
It’s very important to take rest whenever possible. When the baby is sleeping, You also Sleep. During the early days we have to feed every 2 hours so it practically is impossible to sleep for long hours at stretch, so better sleep whenever you can.

10. Ask for help-
Ask for help whenever required from your husband/ parents/ in-laws/ house help. You are not a superwoman, and don’t try to become one by doing everything on your own. Ask others to help you with cooking, laundry etc.. especially in the initial months of motherhood.

11. Diaper Saga (Clothes nappies/ diapers)-
It does not matter which option you select just make sure you are prepared for your selection. i.e, if you select cloth nappies, there should be someone to clean them up for you, DON’T keep that responsibility for yourself.
If you opt for diapers (which is actually convenient) make sure to use diaper rash cream to avoid any rashes. And also change the diapers at regular intervals.

Hope this post on some important tips for first time mommy was helpful and was able to answer some of the obvious questions that every first time mommy has.

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