Healthy snacks ideas during pregnancy that does not require cooking

Healthy snacks ideas during pregnancy that does not require cooking

Pregnancy is that period when all we want to eat is healthy and on the other hand we feel hungry most of the times. It becomes difficult to plan out what to eat and what to avoid. Especially with our hormones on a roller coaster we don’t like everything healthy, and sometimes we fall short of ideas. So I have listed out some of the easily available healthy snacks ideas. These are also good for working women who often wonder what to pack as snacks to munch upon during the entire day.

1. Fruits-
Eat as much fruit as you want, they are not only filling but healthy and yummy too. Some of the healthy options are Apple, Banana, Grapes and other seasonal fruits. Please try to avoid pineapple and papaya, It is being said that they induce early labor.

2. Coconut water-
It is again a very healthy option and helps to maintain water levels in the body.

3. Dryfruits-
I always used to carry a small box of dry-fruits during my pregnancy. Whenever I was out or it was difficult for me to get something to eat, these were savior. I would just eat a handful of these and drink water.

4. Yogurt/ flavored yogurt-
These are again a very good option and also very good source of calcium. I loved the small packs of flavored yogurts as they are comfortable to carry and tastes super yum.

5. Buttermilk-
I personally love buttermilk so this was a daily item for me. If they can be prepared at home then its great otherwise also we have some ready available buttermilk packs available in market (like from Amul and Go – Milk)

6. Lassi-
The same like Buttermilk, They can be either prepared at home or can be purchased from market.

7. Roasted makhana/ Fox nuts-
Now many people don’t know about Makhanas/ foxnuts, but they are a super food. They can be purchased from any grocery store. You just need to to roast it in a teaspoon of ghee/oil and sprinkle some salt on it. It is crunchy , yummy and healthy.

8. Khakhra-
If this can be prepared at home it’s great. Even if not, we can always go for the ones available in market. Just select one from a good brand. They are a good snacking option.

9. Smoothies-
These are super easy to prepare . Just toss in all you favorite fruits in a blender along with milk and zooom… it’s done. We have some really cute mason jars available in market these days. Just fill in your smoothie in it and you are good to go.

10. Sprouts-
They are rich source of protein and super food especially during pregnancy. To make sprouts at home, just soak your favorite item like moong/ chana/ matki in water over night and then wrap it in a wet cotton cloth for next 8-9 hours. If this is difficult we also have option to purchase them from market. Sprouts can be taken in many form- by making chat, boiling them or having them as it is.

Hope you all found the above mentioned -10 Healthy snacks ideas during pregnancy that does not require cooking helpful.

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