Flintobox- Kids activity box: Beautiful Birds- Review & Feedback

Flintobox- Kids activity box: Beautiful Birds- Review & Feedback


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I would be reviewing Flintobox- kids activity box in this post.
Flintobox is a kids activity box which comes with a monthly subscription plan. The box contains 4-6 activities for children based upon their age groups. As I already loved the concept of subscription boxes, This one was a must try for me.

The subscription plans are for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. We chose 6 months plan. The price may vary depending on the ongoing promotions but it would be somewhat related to below-



The link for their website

We have opted for the age group of 2-3 years.
The theme for our February box was – “Beautiful Birds“, although I received the box in the first week of February itself, I waited till my son is done playing with all the activities, as I didn’t want it to be my review but that of my son.

In this post I would not be able to add the actual pictures of activities as after I gave them to my son, they were not in the condition of being clicked. So I have linked to the direct video on their site instead where you can check the activities.

Flintobox- Kids activity box: Beautiful Birds had below activities-
1. Bird Habitat
2. Feather the bird
3. Feed Baby Bird
4. Inked Birdie Tale
5. Counting Puzzle
6. Flinto’s Bird Walk

1. Bird Habitat-
As per the pack- Your child learns where each bird lives in this engaging puzzle tiles activity.
It came with a large printed fabric with small Velcro stickers on which we could stick the respective bird. My son was not very interested in this at first. But then me and my husband kept playing with this and after a couple of days we saw him trying to do this on his own and he enjoyed sticking the birds on the mat. Although he is not doing it right and actually we don’t even expect him to do this right at his age but this activity was keeping him engaged. And he learned that the birds have their own homes.

2. Feather the bird-
As per the pack- Your toddler sticks colourful feathers to complete the wooden bird and tries to balance it.
This was my least favorite amongst all the activities. It contained a wooden bird with Velcro sticker on it and we are supposed to add feather to the sticker. Although the concept was very nice.. the glue on the Velcro was extremely poor.
The sticker came off at 1 go.. still my son played his own games with the feathers 🙂

3. Feed Baby Bird-
As per the pack- Addictive pretend play game about how the parent bird feeds its baby!
This was our favorite activity amongst all of them. We really played a lot with this and this became a priced possession for my son. He made sure to keep this close to him even while sleeping. In this we have have some plastic worms which we need to feed to baby baby bird with a clip shaped beak. And we can create our own set of pretend play activities using this.

4. Inked Birdie Tale
As per the pack- Read-along activity where your child inks the dots to complete a bird tale.
This was also a very nice activity although a little messy and required our involvement. It came with a drawing book kind of story book and a red color stamping pen. We need to stamp the white dots using the stamping pen. Adi enjoyed this activity with his dad although at the end we had ink all over his hands and dress but it was so worth as we got to enjoy the activity together.

5. Counting Puzzle
As per the pack- In this number-based puzzle, your child buttons the missing tiles in place.
This was an OK activity. We received three small boards with button on which we need to stick the objects. The buttons were a bit too tight for toddlers. Also the objects were almost like paper which can get torned easily. So the combination of tight button with thin paper made it look a bit odd.

6. Flinto’s Bird Walk
As per the pack- Go on a walk with Flinto and spot what the birds are doing on each page.
It is a storybook. My son hasn’t been so much interested in this so far I’m still trying to build his interest. Lets see if it works.

Apart from these activities they keep sending some ideas for more DIY activities over email, which I loved. We can take ideas and do some more activities. This way the little one stays busy for a longer duration.

All in all I loved the concept and activities of this kids activity box- Flintobox.

I would rate the”Beautiful Birds” box- 4/5

I will keep adding more reviews in future so that a better comparison can be done.



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