Flintobox: Healthy Habits – Activity Boxes for Toddlers – Review

Flintobox: Healthy Habits – Activity Boxes for Toddlers – Review

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Flintobox- Healthy Habits

In  this post I’ve reviewed- Flintobox: Healthy Habits. So we have received our next Flintobox few weeks back and again I was waiting for my son to actually play with all the products before I write an review on them. So the theme for last months Flintobox was Healthy Habits and wow what a box it was.. I was totally impressed.

The theme for the box was Flintobox: Healthy Habits and it had 5 activities and 1 story book.
Below are the activities that came in the box-

1. Wrap & Roll
Exploratory activity for your child to create pretend healthy wraps in a jiffy. There’s a menu card too!

Our take- So they get all kind of veggies along with 2 rolls, they can use all the different mix of vegetables to prepare a roll. Yes we had to site with him for sometime so that he knows how exactly he has to do it and once Our son understood he was too busy preparing the rolls and playing with the veggies.

2. Dress Up
Interesting puzzle play for your child as they dress up each children on the puzzle board.

Our take- Here we get a board with with pictures of a boy and a girl. And we get some clothes which have magnet in them, when we place the dress over the pics they get stuck. My son loved dressing the kids.

3. Brush, Brush
In this oral hygiene activity, your child learns about different brushing techniques using a brush trainer toy!

Our take- We get two teeth like structure and two brushes. It really helps making the little ones understand the process of brushing.

4. My Magic Wash
Your child learns all about washing clothes while playing with a pretend washing machine!

Our take- I was really impressed by this activity a lot. This one has a small washing machine (dummy) over a cardboard, which is so attractive. And then we also get some clothes, a laundry bag , rope to hang the clothes and tiny hangers. This was a real fun activity and to be honest, I enjoyed this one more than Adi.. 🙂

5. My Shopping Bag
Hands-on activity for your toddler to decorate a cloth bag and to learn about taking care of things!

Our take- We got a small shopping bag and a bunch of stickers to decorate the shopping bag, this wasn’t a very interesting one for my boy as he is already used to playing with different bags.

6. Flinto & His Bath
It’s time to take a bath, but Flinto finds a number of excuses to escape from one! What do you think happens?

Our take- And this was the last one- A story book. I loved it and so did my son.

I would rate the Flintobox: Healthy Habits box 4/5. You can check out the products in detail and the video on their website.

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