Common cold in toddlers- Best home remedies that actually work

Common cold in toddlers- Best home remedies that actually work

Cold and cough in toddlers is a very common illness, which comes uninvited with season changes and these make our little ones uncomfortable.
Below are some of the must try home remedies which are surely going to provide some relief to toddlers.

1. Warm oil massage- This works best with with mustard oil although you can use any other oil which you use for your kid.
a.Just heat 3-4 spoons of oil in a tadka pan and add a little Carom seeds(ajwain) and 2 pods of garlic to it. Cut the garlic into two pieces before adding it to the oil.
b.Heat the oil for some time until the garlic is slightly fried and its goodness is infused into the oil.
c. Cool the oil and bring down the temperature till warm (comfortable to touch). Now massage the baby with this oil especially focusing on feet gradually moving upwards. Once done make them wear socks so that the feet remains warm. This works great for all age groups.

2. Feeding warm water- If you little one is off breastfeeding, then keep giving them warm water at regular intervals , this will make the mucous thin and reduce congestion. This will give a lot of relief to them. If they are still breastfeeding, feed them more than you usually do.

3. Ajwain potli- Dry roast a teaspoon of ajwain with 4-5 cloves of garlic. Let it cool down to room temperature. Make a potli out of this in a cotton cloth. Rub the babies chest with this potli and keep it close to the baby, while he sleeps.

4. Steam- This works wonders in providing comfort to young ones. Nebulizers now a days are very famous for this purpose, which is even recommended by doctors. An alternative to this is allow hot water to run via shower in bathroom for some time and once the the room is filled with steam, sit with baby inside so that they can inhale the steam. This helps in reducing congestion. We also have some humidifiers available in market nowadays.

5. Head tilted while sleeping- If the little one is having difficulty in sleeping due to blocked nose, tilt their head a bit while they sleep by placing a pillow beneath their head. This will help them in breathing comfortably.

6. Saline nasal drops- Well this is actually not a home remedy but works great, so I thought of adding it here. If the nose is blocked, a few drops of saline drops can be very helpful. It will clear the mucous, so that the baby can breathe comfortably. We have many available in market nowadays like nasoclear etc.. Just check with your doctor on the next visit.

*One key note is to avoid getting carried away by the advertisements on TV which shows to use Zandu balms/vicks vaporub etc on children. They should not be used on babies and toddlers.

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