Blog Update- March- Why I started Blogging!

Blog Update- March- Why I started Blogging!

Hey All,

If you would have noticed I haven’t added any post in the last few weeks. Well March has been a crazy month for me. Adi was not keeping well, I was overloaded at work and some other stuff happened.

When I started blogging, the very first thing I wanted was to stay regular but now I see based upon the last few days it gets a bit difficult at times. Nevertheless I will try my best to stay regular for uploads.

There are some good news as well- I reached 100+ followers on my Facebook Page and close to 200 followers on Twitter. I’m pretty new to blogging so not sure if these are good numbers but yeah they are good enough to keep me motivated.

This is my first post on Life/blog update kind of thing, so I will go a bit deeper into why I started blogging and why I chose this niche.

I was not very sure of what blogging actually meant until a friend of mine told me- Hey! Why don’t you write blogs. I did some research and BINGO This is exactly what I wanted to do since very long. As a kid I was a shy girl, who hardly spoke to anyone outside of her own family but I outgrew that shyness over a period of time or rather as I grew up. Now I am someone who would not hold back what I feel and would pour my opinion into anything that needs it. So it could be this transformation that I have seen in myself which could be the driving force for my willingness to write. Not sure though!

Now when I decided that I want to write- I had to select a niche and I selected Indian moms and everything related to her. I have seen a pattern where a blog would be specific to either parenting or beauty/makeup or Cooking. But aren’t we the same person who goes through all of this so I decided that I would go with all of these which are related to a MOM.
I will be writing on all that I know and what I as a Mom would have loved to read when I get time. I would be writing about Baby care/ Parenting, Beauty/Makeup, Subscription boxes and some easy and quick recipes for both the little one and us.

Hope you will like going through my blogs. Any feedback/ suggestions are more than welcome as I already mentioned I am new to this and still in learning phase.

If you are someone who would also love to blog, Please do get in touch with me! I would be more than happy to help you out in setting up your blog.


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