Baby Acne/ Pimples – Should you be worried?

Baby Acne/ Pimples – Should you be worried?

If you are a new mom and you suddenly notice tiny red/ white bumps on your baby’s face, don’t be alarmed.. It’s baby acne and is very common in newborns. In some babies, it may be present from birth but mostly it appears a couple of weeks after birth. My son also got them after a couple of weeks.

Baby acne may appear as tiny red or white bumps on cheeks and forehead, and it may be surrounded by reddish skin. They usually appear on Cheeks and around lips but sometimes may also appear on forehead chin or back.

What causes Baby Acne?

The exact cause of baby acne is not yet known but there are several triggers which may cause them. Some of them are-
1. Spit- up milk
2. Saliva falling over face
3. if the skin is irritated by a fabric which is either rough or has been washed in strong detergent.
4. The outside temperature is hot and the the baby is getting hot and fussy.

How long does Baby Acne stays?

They usually disappear within a couple of weeks but in some cases it may last upto a month. If it stays even after that, it would be better to consult the pediatrician to rule out any other skin issues. In some cases the doctor might suggest some mild lotions that would help the skin to recover fast.

Do Baby Acne leave marks?
No in majority of the cases they do not leave behind any marks.

Some important Do’s and Dont’s

1. don’t try any acne medication without consulting doctor.
2. don’t scrub or try to clean the skin with water repeatedly. repeated washing may irritate the skin further.
3. don’t try too many lotions or creams.

1. Very important is don’t do anything. Baby acne usually clears up on its own.
2. Simply wash the skin with water and soap once a day( similar to what you would do if there were no acne.)

Hope this short write up would have cleared the doubts related to baby acne or pimples. And to conclude Baby acnes are very common and there is nothing that you should be worried about. πŸ™‚

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3 Replies to “Baby Acne/ Pimples – Should you be worried?”

  1. I’ve had several friends whose children had bad baby acne. Both of my girls had to deal with eczema in their early months but it has gotten better as they get older. Glad to know that baby acne is nothing to worry about, though.

  2. This is very important topic because new mums panic when they see pimples on the faces of their newborn. To me when my toddler was in his first month I notice acne in his face but my mom said to me it’s normal and happens to almost every baby

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